Pat's King Ranch Chicken

If you want to kick up your chicken casserole a notch and make it a candidate for the first dish to disappear at your Church's pot luck dinner, try this recipe. It was first created on the King Ranch, a little south of Corpus Christi Texas. There are several versions. This is the one we use.

About 18 corn Tortillas
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
(since the cans seem to be smaller these days, an additional can of either soup may be needed)
3 lbs chicken (I use only white meat)
1 can Ro-Tel tomatoes with chilies (hot)
1 can tomatoes (small) This is optional
2 to 1 lb cheddar cheese

Boil the chicken. Keep the broth in the pan.
Remove the chicken from the pan and break it into bite size pieces.
Grate the cheese
Prepare the sauce by combining the soups, Ro-Tel and tomatoes.
Dip each tortilla in hot broth, one at a time.
Line the bottom and sides of a large casserole dish with tortillas.
Cover the bottom with a layer of chicken.
Cover the chicken with a layer of sauce.
Cover the sauce with a layer of grated cheese.
Cover the cheese with a layer of tortillas.
Add another layer of chicken, sauce and cheese.
Continue adding layers as desired.
The last layer should be a thick layer of grated cheese.
Optional: onions and bell peppers may be used in the sauce.
Optional: if a third can of soup is needed, cream of celery may be used.

Bake at 350 deg. for 30 min. or until cheese is melted.

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