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    The beach was cluttered with the still bodies of the shipwrecked crew; but among them there stirred life. One sailor actually rose to his feet shouting “Praise Horus, praise Horus, we are saved!”

    “It was not Horus that saved you,” shouted Isaac in a stridently confident voice, “but the God of Israel.”

    “Ha!” the sailor replied. “The God of Israel cannot even save his own people from being crushed by the Pharaoh’s heel.”

    “He speaks the truth,” snapped Moses. “Now get into the boat. You will man the starboard oar.”

    The sailor dutifully headed for the small boat while Moses and Isaac searched among the dead for the living. They found three others still breathing though badly cut and with multiple broken bones. Carefully they drug or carried these back to the boat. The two most seriously wounded were laid in the stern and the other in the bow. Moses got in the craft after helping Isaac turn the boat around and took the port oar. Fearing the tiny boat would swamp if he got in, Isaac stayed outside, pushing it off the sand. Once clear, the oars took over with Isaac Ben Josiah holding on to the stern as they returned to the ship.

    With some difficulty the injured seamen were hauled aboard the larger vessel; then the row boat was pulled up. Moses found Weben and Jethro among those who greeted them.

    “Jethro,” Moses exclaimed, “do your stuff with these guys. They are hurt bad.”

    “It is not possible, my friend.”


    “Except for one, they have no faith, and the one has very little. Only he will live!”

    “I do not understand,” replied the prince.

    “God has planted within us,” Jethro replied, “a small seed which I call faith. It is the strong belief in things not seen; a belief so strong and sure that we are willing to act upon those things in which we believe as if they are proven facts. As we act, the seed grows and we act with more confidence. Eventually those things which were unseen will be revealed and we will be able to see them, but we will have no stronger belief after we have seen them because our faith would have maximized our belief already. Our faith enables us to know the will of God. With faith also comes power, but a person of faith is constrained to use that power only in accordance to the will of God. For example, if it were God’s will, I could command that reef to remove itself from our path and it would go; but that is not God’s will so I am restrained.”

    “Does not God love his people, the children of Israel?”

    “Indeed he does! It is through them that the anointed one will come; at least that is what my father, Caleb, has prophesied. But to do that they must leave Egypt and establish Zion in the land of Canaan on the spot where the great prophet Melchezedek built the city of Salem.”

    “I have heard tales about this Melchezedek,” replied Moses. “He must have been a great king.”

    “More of a priest than a king. His power was in his righteousness and ability to influence others. He carried no weapon, had no army, and allowed no armed man into his city. That is why they called it the City of Peace or Zion.”

    “I don’t believe you,” the prince retorted. “What happened to his city, the Amalekites destroyed it?”

    “The entire city was translated, or removed from the earth.”

    “Translated? Don’t be silly. How could an entire city be removed from the earth?”

    “One day you will understand my friend,” Jethro cooed. “Now we must attend to more serious things.”

    The young Priest of Midian then produced a vial of olive oil from his waistband and poured a few drops on the head of the injured sailor he had prophesied would survive. He then placed his hands on the sailor’s head and uttered a few words in a language Moses did not understand. The prince saw no immediate change in the badly broken patient.

    “He will get better,” Jethro reassured. “The other two will survive only until we dock. Look, it seems our good captain has guided us into the channel. We shall soon be walking on solid ground."


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