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    A day later, Moses, Weben, and Jethro joined the expedition which immediately set sail northward. Passing Avaris, a place prohibited by the queen to be visited by Moses, the convoy of five small but seaworthy ships entered the Wadi of Dan and moored for the night at Pi-Senmut, close to the entrance of the canal. This was a bawdy town, filled with construction workers, gamblers and harlots. It was also one which the young Moses was curious about.

    “Your mother forbids you from mingling with Hebrews,” Weben sternly warned his princely student. “You must remain on the ship!”

    “My mother is in Avaris and Nehsi refused to stop and let me see her,” Moses angrily spat out; his words barely intelligible, for his hard fought discipline to control his damaged lips and tongue broke down when anger overtook him. “I thought I was in command of this fleet!”

    “Your time will come, my friend,” softly advised Jethro. “One day your actions will only bend to that of Al-Ilah and no man will be able to contain you; but, for now, you must abide by the rules of the queen.”

    Not wanting to be contained even at the moment, the young prince bolted from the common area he shared with his companions and stormed into his private state room; a small cubicle much of which was mostly filled by his bunk which consisted of a wooden platform covered by a linen mattress filled with the soft down of several types of fowl. Throwing himself face down on the bed, he sobbed uncontrollably, allowing his tears to freely flow upon the cotton sheet covering the mattress. His thoughts were concentrated on the dim memory of the woman whom he knew as mother. A brief passage, previously unremembered, was conjured up by his mind. It contained a fair skinned princess with very light brown hair, soft hazel eyes, well developed bosom and a sweet pleasant voice singing a Hebrew lullaby.

    “Go to sleep, go to sleep,

    The Lord will protect you,

    Go to sleep, go to sleep

    Mother is here by you.”

    The melody of the song, along with the monotonous lapping of the small river waves against the hull of the barge sent the Son of Nethanel into a pleasant world of dreams, unbothered by the rowdy sounds of sailors and construction workers having their fun a short distance away in the taverns and brothels of Pi-Senmut. Moses did not even notice his barge getting underway in the darkness, allowing another of the ships of the flotilla to dock and take on provisions.

    “Moses, my son; Moses, my son;” a pleasant but authoritative voice intruded into the young man’s dream world.

    “I am told I am the son of Nethanel. Who are you?” The young man’s dream thought words floated upward.

    “I Am That I Am; The Lamb of Israel,” came back the voice, “and I have a work for you.”

    “I already have work,” the prince replied. “The queen has ordered me to go to Punt and establish a trade route. She has also ordered that I not be involved with Israel in any way.”

    “You shall add to your companions,” the voice continued as if ignoring the protest, “a young man of your own age whom you will meet on the morrow.”

    “I meet many young men each day,” Moses protested.

    “He who wields the great sword; him will you take with you to my Holy Place.”

    “Holy Place?”

    “Jethro will lead you. Now do as I have commanded.”

    With that, the dreamlike voice subsided and was replaced by the distinctive growl of the Prince’s Hittite body servant.



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