Moses Of Avaris
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    The little fishing boat on which Moses and Osarsiph took sail was much below the standards the prince was accustomed to. It had no cabin to take refuge in and barely accommodated six men. The fishing nets had been removed to allow for a little more room. The boat had four oar locks, but they were not needed; for a stout south wind pushed the little craft northward by its single sail. They moved rapidly, even passing many larger vessels on what was the busiest stretch of the Nile.

    A little after noon they passed Avaris. The old town was quite different than the city that Moses was born in, though the prince did not remember the place. The wall had been destroyed and the Tower of Apopi had been dismantled to allow easier passage for commercial shipping. The stately palaces, with their reed riverside forests, were replaced with wharfs and warehouses, enabling the new Pi-Ra-Moses to be a major trade center. Only the old Temple of Joseph and a few of the large houses which used to be the residences of Hebrew sheiks remained. These houses now were filled with dock workers, mostly Gadites and Asherites pressed into service for the pharaoh.

    Osarsiph commented to Moses that the temple was ordered to be destroyed by the queen, but he reminded her that under Egyptian law no temple could be destroyed unless the High Priest of Karnack personally visited the place and condemned it. Hapuseneb had yet to do that.

    “One day, when it is safe, you must go there,” softly mused the Priest of On.

    “Why?” replied Moses

    “You were born there,” Osarsiph replied, still in a soft pensive voice.

    “You know of my birth?”

    “I do.”

    “How did it come about that I was born in a Temple?”

    “Actually it was in a residence attached to the west end of the temple. You can tell by looking that the temple had, at one time, a structure connected to it.”

    “I know my mother was Bithia, but I do not know about my father. Can you tell me?”

    “There are many in Israel who think you are the son of Nethanel, who was the son of the last Hebrew governor of Goshen. If so, you are descended from the great pharaohs Joseph and Salitis, as well as Ah-Moses. This is what the queen thinks and she will use this to justify your becoming pharaoh. However, some in Israel think you will be the one to lead them back to Canaan.”

    “I have heard some speak of me being the deliverer; but they are badly mistaken. I am Egyptian and will always be Egyptian; but I will be fair in treatment of all my subjects. But, I would like to know who you think my father is?”

    “I think you need to talk to Miriam first.”

    “Who is this Miriam?”

    “She is a priestess and prophetess of Israel, known as the Ephrath.”

    “A woman priest?”

    “Yes, I think she will have your answers.”

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