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    As soon as the vessel carrying Djehutemes was clear, Moses signaled his barge captain to take in the mooring lines. The royal barge was then towed by two small boats until it was in the river mainstream. Once in the swift current of mid-river, the small boats were released and sail was set as the barge headed north.

    It was a triumphant voyage for Moses. Every village, town and city they passed poured out their residents to cheer the conqueror of Ethiopia. They lined the riverbank, sometimes twenty deep. The prince took it all in. As they approached each crowd, Moses would don his war crown and breastplate. He would direct the barge captain to steer close to the bank. As they passed the crowd, he would raise his right hand, clutching the short ceremonial gold spear and accepting their accolades. As the Nile slowly widened so did the pride and confidence of Moses grow. He began to realize the power he would soon be assuming as Tut-Moses III, ruler of Two Lands. As soon as he would reach Abydos, a nine day feast would be held, followed by his marriage on the day of the spring equinox; then three months later, at the summer solstice, he would be crowned at Heliopolis; then a one year tour of Egypt in which the coronation would be repeated in each of eight more temples.

    The journey to Abydos took several days, with overnight stops to feast and rest. The next to last night of the voyage was spent at Armant. Here the crowd was especially enthusiastic, having been well orchestrated by Weben. It took thirty six spearmen to hold the mob back as Moses and Weben proceed towards the modest mayoral palace now occupied by Weben and his family. Pride swelled within the breast of the young prince.

    I am their Hero, and soon will be their Pharaoh, and their God, he thought boastfully.

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