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    Sleep came quickly to Moses that night and he was undisturbed by the frequent small quakes and the pillar of fire that burned so brightly that its reflection appeared on the pond. The trio all awoke, just before dawn, as though some unseen being wanted them up and gone when the sun peeked over the mountains to the east. They joined Jetur and the others at the entrance to the path leading up to the shrine. At the clearing of prayer, only Jetur, Jethro, Moses and Isaac proceeded upwards; the others stayed at the clearing and prayed for the four pilgrims.

    The shrine itself was about six cubits high and six cubits square at the base, and was made of granite. The top three cubits were in the form similar to a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid was a strange looking black rock. It was obvious that this black rock was quite different than the black basalt that seemed to be everywhere to the north.

    About thirty cubits short of the shrine, Jethro removed his shoes and instructed his three companions to do likewise.

    “This is holy ground,” he stated. “Out of respect for Al-Ilah, we will approach on bare feet.”

    The group had taken only a few steps when the ground heaved up again, knocking all of them off their feet. At the same time, a tremendous sound rolled in from the west. Moses turned around and saw that the entire east face of Harrat was crumbling and was covered in smoke and fire in a billowing cloud, which was rapidly moving toward them. As the wall of blackness reached the western end of the forest, some of the trees immediately burst into flame while others were blown away by the force of the blast. Moses sensed that in a few moments they would all be incinerated.

    “Quickly, into the pit!” yelled Jetur. “Al-Ilah is passing by. Do not look!!”


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